Hair Loss Insights: Unraveling the Natural Shedding Process in Atlanta, GA

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Hair Loss: Unveiling the Natural Shedding Process in Atlanta, GA

Hair Loss: What’s Considered Normal in Atlanta, GA | New Man SMP | Hair Insights | August 2, 2023

As a dedicated SMP artist based in Atlanta, GA, I hold a deep understanding of the concerns that often accompany hair loss. While shedding hair is an intrinsic part of our existence, it’s crucial to discern when it surpasses typical limits and necessitates special attention.

Grasping Daily Hair Loss Patterns On an average day, individuals release anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs, a fact corroborated by the American Academy of Dermatology. With a typical count of 80,000 to 120,000 hairs adorning the average human head, each strand traverses the stages of growth (anagen) and rest (telogen) before eventually departing its natural abode.

A comprehensive study conducted in 2017 unveiled that, during a regular hair cycle, 90% of hair follicles embrace the anagen phase, with a mere 1% residing in the telogen phase at any given period. These ratios tend to fluctuate as we age. It is imperative to grasp that hair loss within these parameters is considered well within the norms, regardless of the specific phase of the lifecycle. However, should the volume of loss surpass these boundaries, it warrants a closer look.

Distinguishing Hair Loss from Shedding Drawing a clear distinction between hair loss and hair shedding is of paramount significance. Hair loss predominantly transpires during the anagen phase, a phase where impediments hinder further hair growth. Causative factors encompass genetic predisposition, a compromised immune system, specific medications or therapies, and the utilization of potent chemicals present in hair care products.

In contrast, hair shedding is a phenomenon witnessed during the telogen phase, indicating an elevated rate of hair loss compared to the standard shedding tempo. Triggers for hair shedding can encompass drastic weight loss, childbirth, navigating through intense stressors, or convalescence following an ailment.

Seeking Expert Guidance in Atlanta, GA If you hold reservations about your hair loss transcending the boundaries of normalcy, I strongly advocate for consulting a reputable dermatologist in Atlanta, GA. Accomplished dermatologists adeptly differentiate between conventional and atypical hair loss patterns, subsequently extending well-suited treatment alternatives.

At New Man SMP, we take immense pride in our deep-rooted connection with the Atlanta community, catering wholeheartedly to individuals from diverse walks of life. Our team, characterized by an enlightened perspective and boundless empathy, remains steadfastly committed to assisting you in reclaiming your self-assurance through the art of scalp micropigmentation.

Remember, comprehending the intricate facets of hair loss stands as a pivotal step in making judicious choices regarding your hair care odyssey. Should any queries or reservations linger, please do not hesitate to establish contact with us at New Man SMP in Atlanta, GA.

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