Empowering Men’s Health: New Man SMP Collaborates with Movember in Atlanta, GA

Image of men participating in a health empowerment event organized by New Man SMP and Movember in Atlanta, GA.

Empower Men’s Health with New Man SMP and Movember in Atlanta, GA

Elevate the Essence of ‘Mo: Witness the rise of New Man SMP as it takes center stage during Movember, an annual event dedicated to growing mustaches for a cause. This occasion not only fosters mustache growth but also generates funds and awareness for vital men’s health initiatives.

Movember: Redefining Men’s Health Globally

In a world grappling with a poignant reality, men’s lives, on average, are cut short by six years in comparison to women, often due to preventable factors. Leading causes of untimely male mortality, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide, cast a somber shadow. With the vision of significantly reducing premature male deaths by 2030, Movember stands at the forefront. The resources amassed through this movement contribute to research in prostate and testicular cancers, as well as mental health organizations.

Active Engagement by New Man SMP

As November dawns, our team embarks on a “shave down,” symbolizing the inception of Movember with freshly bare faces. Setting an example, Damian Holmes, the mastermind behind New Man SMP, initiates the event by undergoing a complete shave. This act of inspiration triggers a wave of support among our team members.

Several members of our team pledge to cultivate mustaches, while others commit to covering an impressive 60 miles throughout the month. This gesture signifies unity with the 60 men who tragically lose their lives to suicide every hour. Stay updated on our team’s journey by visiting the dedicated Movember team page of New Man SMP.

Confronting Alarming Statistics

While New Man SMP champions wellness and progress, the state of men’s health demands urgent attention. Unchecked, prostate cancer rates are poised to double within the next 15 years. Similarly, testicular cancer rates have already doubled over the past five decades. Perhaps most concerning, each passing minute witnesses the loss of a man to suicide, with males accounting for 75% of all suicides.

Amidst this pressing situation, Movember emerges as a formidable global catalyst for transformation. Armed with innovative projects and extensive outreach, the movement confronts this crisis head-on. Their 2030 goal is ambitious: a 25% reduction in premature male mortality.

New Man SMP’s Clarion Call

New Man SMP is resolute in driving change, echoing the essence of Movember. By 2030, this endeavor aspires to halve the toll of prostate and testicular cancers, mitigate treatment-induced side effects, and curtail male suicide rates by 25%. New Man SMP eagerly assumes the role of a harbinger of progress, while also fostering some remarkable ‘staches along the way.

Join the Journey for Change

The audacious aspirations of Movember are attainable, but they require collective action. New Man SMP extends an invitation to the Atlanta, GA community and beyond. Embrace the role of a Mo Brother or Mo Sister, whether by cultivating a flourishing mustache or undertaking the “Move for Movember” challenge, covering 60 miles through walking or running during the month. In harmony with this, New Man SMP pledges a portion of its November service proceeds to the cause.

Together, let’s forge a path towards enhanced well-being for men worldwide. Save the date for early December, when we unveil the incredible transformations achieved during Movember.

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