How Many SMP Sessions Does It Take for the Best Results?

How Many SMP Sessions Does It Take for the Best Results?

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that involves implanting pigment into the scalp to mimic the look of a full head of hair. When considering undergoing scalp micropigmentation (SMP), one of the biggest questions is how many sessions you will need for the best results. Different clinics offer different advice on this subject, so it can be hard to know who to believe. We will explore the different opinions on how many SMP sessions are necessary and try to answer the question once and for all!

What Is SMP and How Is It Done?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a cosmetic treatment that uses tiny needles to implant pigmented dots into the scalp. The procedure creates a simulated appearance of thousands of tiny hairs, resulting in a denser and fuller look. It’s a non-surgical hair restoration technique used to camouflage thinning areas, provide coverage for bald spots, and create the look of a closely shaved haircut.

SMP is usually done in multiple sessions to cover the entire scalp or a large area. During each session, your specialist will use sterile needles to implant pigment into the epidermis layer of skin, one by one. The pigment is carefully chosen to match the color of your natural hair so it blends in perfectly and looks realistic.

Each session lasts two to four hours and can involve hundreds or even thousands of tiny punctures. After each session, the scalp must heal for one to two weeks before another session can be done.

Factors That Affect the Number of Scalp Micropigmentation Sessions

In addition to the size of the area that needs to be treated, several other factors can affect how many scalp micropigmentation sessions you will need.

1) Your Natural Hair Color and Scalp Tone

People with lighter skin color and darker hair may need more sessions than those with lighter hair because the ink used in SMP treatments is designed to blend in with your natural hair color. If your scalp tone is darker than your hair color, you may require more treatments to achieve the desired results.

2) The Technique Used

Different SMP techniques can also influence the number of sessions needed. For example, a dot-by-dot approach requires more sessions than a shading technique. Your scalp micropigmentation practitioner will help you determine the most suitable technique.

3) Your Expectations and Desired Results

The results you are looking for can also affect the number of sessions. Fewer sessions may be needed if you want a natural, light look. On the other hand, if you prefer a bolder look with more coverage, then more sessions will likely be necessary.

4) The Type of Hair Loss You Are Experiencing

The pattern of your hair loss can also affect the number of sessions. For example, if you have diffuse thinning all over your scalp, more treatments may be needed to achieve optimal results. Similarly, sudden-onset balding or a receding hairline will likely require more sessions to cover the desired area.

Contact New Man SMP for the best scalp micro in Atlanta. We offer multiple sessions to ensure every client receives the best possible outcome from their scalp micro treatment. We understand everyone has different needs and expectations, so we tailor each session to meet the requirements of the individual.


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