Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss and Can Dandruff Cause Baldness?

does dandruff cause hair loss can dandruff cause baldness

You experience hair loss, it’s unsettling, it can make you anxious and insecure. Naturally, if you have dandruff as well you’re probably wondering “Can dandruff cause hair loss?”

Well, in this blog post, let’s explore the different situations in which dandruff causes hair loss. We’ll also talk about solutions to restore your natural hairline, such as scalp micropigmentation in Atlanta.

Dandruff 101

At New Man SMP, we got a lot of questions along the line of “Will dandruff cause hair loss?” and “Can dandruff lead to hair loss?”

First, let’s talk about dandruff. It’s a common problem, especially for men in their 30s and 40s. However, dandruff can indirectly cause hair loss.

What Causes Dandruff?

Dandruff typically comes in the form of skin flakes on your scalp. You’ll also notice itchy or crusty skin on your scalp. Stress and environmental conditions can make these symptoms more severe.

Seborrheic dermatitis, which is an inflammatory skin condition, can cause oily skin patches, itchiness, and irritation.

This condition can occur on the eyebrows, chest hair, and other areas as well. Seborrheic dermatitis can be caused by microscopic fungus or yeast-like fungus. It feeds on your scalp and causes irritation and dandruff.

Additional causes of dandruff include dry weather conditions, heat, dry skin, skin irritation, allergic reactions, not washing frequently, and skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

How Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Dandruff does not directly create hair loss. However, it is associated with hair loss due to the itching and other symptoms that come along with hair loss. If you scratch your scalp consistently, then you could damage your hair follicles.

Eventually, your hair follicles will die, and this could result in hair loss. This hair loss is sometimes temporary, but it can be permanent. Dandruff hair loss can become worse with other conditions like a sensitive scalp or male pattern baldness.

Those with dandruff could see their hair falling out at an accelerated pace. So while dandruff may not be thinning your hair directly, it’s important to understand that this is a sign to start taking better care of your scalp. Reduce scratching if at all possible.

As a quick recap, saying that dandruff causes hair fall is not quite accurate – but how you respond to dandruff has a large effect.

How To Rid Yourself Of Dandruff

Sometimes mild dandruff can be treated with an over-the-counter shampoo. You should visit a dermatologist to understand why you’re having dandruff and hair loss. They may prescribe a different shampoo to help you.

Additional ways to prevent dandruff are:

Shampooing More Often

When you wash your hair daily, it can prevent hair loss. But can dandruff shampoo cause hair loss? Not if it’s formulated correctly.

Prevent Scratching

Don’t irritate your scalp or damage your hair follicles by scratching. This can make dandruff and hair loss worse.

Avoid Hair Products That Cause Pain Or Discomfort

If you have sensitive skin, then avoid harsh chemicals in the products that you put in your hair. This can make your hair loss or dandruff accelerate.

Does Dandruff Cause Hair Falling Out? Summary

With scalp micropigmentation in Atlanta, you can restore your hair’s natural beauty and fullness once again. Plus, when compared to hair transplants, it’s a safer alternative.

Our expert hairline tattoo artists can give you a fresh aesthetic that looks as if you just got a buzz cut. So reach out today and learn more about your options for looking your best. Hair loss due to dandruff doesn’t have to steal your confidence.

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